American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year estimates

Started in 2010, the Census Bureau releases 5-year averages estimates for all geographic areas, regardless of population size. These estimates are based on data collected over a 5-year period of time and therefore they describe the average characteristics for that 5-year time period. The geographic areas in 5-year averages estimates are available for every state, county, city, town, place, American Indian Area, Alaska Native Area, and Hawaiian Home Land, as well as for census tracts and block groups. The five-year estimates from the ACS replace estimates from the decennial census long form started in 2010.

5-Year ACS estimates can be also accessed via the Census Bureau's American FactFinder web application. However, detailed ACS tables for block groups are not published in American FactFinder, they are only included in the Summary File product. Our center provides 5-Year ACS Summary File (also known as Detailed Tables) including block groups level data in SAS, SPSS and STATA formats. There are two types of data post on our website: the estimates data and the margins-of-error data in separate files. A file like "e20095wa_BlockGroup_King.sas7bdat" indicates all the tables of estimates data at block group level for King County. Please read the "READ ME"" document for instruction, e.g., how to extract variables from a complete data file.

Obtaining ACS-SF data by variables (in SAS format) is also available on the Missouri Census Data Center website for the nation and some of states.

The Census Bureau provides Summary File Retrieval Tool, an Excel Macro tool ideal for downloading 20 tables or less for all published geographies within a state.

See the following documents for more information:

The ACS Design and Methodology:

Guidance for Data User:

2005-2009 5-Yr ACS-SF for WA

Note: The 2009 ACS data are in the 2000 boundaries

2006-2010 5-Yr ACS-SF for WA

Note: The 2010 ACS data are in the new 2010 boundaries

2007-2011 5-Yr ACS-SF for WA

Started in 2010, ACS data is in the new 2010 boundaries

2007-2011 5-Yr ACS-SF for US

Beginning in 2011, the Zip Code Tabulation Areas have been added as one of the geographic levels, and they are only in the US national level file.

2008-2012 5-YR ACS-SF for WA

2008-2012 5-Yr ACS-SF for US

2009-2013 5-YR ACS-SF for WA

2009-2013 5-YR ACS-SF for US

2009-2013 5-YR ACS-PUMS for WA

2009-2013 5-YR ACS-PUMS for US

2010-2014 5-YR ACS-SF for WA

2010-2014 5-YR ACS-SF for US

2010-2014 5-YR ACS-PUMS for WA

2010-2014 5-YR ACS-PUMS for US

2010-2014 5-YR ACS-VR for US and WA

Variance replicate estimate tables include estimates, margins of error, and 80 variance replicates for selected American Community Survey 5-year detailed tables. The tables are intended for advanced users who are adding ACS data within a table or between geographies. Users can calculate margins of error for aggregated data by using the variance replicates. Unlike available approximation formulas, this method results in an exact margin of error by using the covariance term.

2011-2015 5-YR ACS-SF for WA

2011-2015 5-YR ACS-SF for US

2011-2015 5-YR ACS-PUMS for WA

2011-2015 5-YR ACS-PUMS for US

2012-2016 5-YR ACS-SF for WA

2012-2016 5-YR ACS-SF for US

2012-2016 5-YR ACS-PUMS for WA

2012-2016 5-YR ACS-PUMS for US